Sewage Facilities Planning Module Fact Sheet

The Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act (Act 537) requires Municipalities to develop and implement official plans in order to address sewage disposal with the intention of correcting existing problems and preventing future problems. Each time a new development is proposed the Municipality is required by state law to revise this official plan through a process referred to as a “Sewage Facilities Planning Module” (Planning Module), administered by the PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).  Historically in our region these Planning Modules were generally avoided through use of a planning exemption. Because the ALCOSAN sewer system is under a Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Consent Decree due to wet weather sewer issues DEP eliminated the use of planning exemptions as of March 24, 2011. This change affects all 83 municipalities which discharge to ALCOSAN including the City of Pittsburgh and is not a Municipality of Monroeville or Monroeville Municipal Authority regulation.  The Planning Module process will apply to both new construction and to redevelopment or change of occupancy in existing buildings if such activity results in an increase in sewage flow of greater than 400 gallons/day, which the DEP classifies as ONE equivalent dwelling unit (EDU).

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