Prohibited Discharges

Section 11.  Prohibited Discharges. 

No matter or materials shall be discharged into the sanitary sewer system of the Borough of Monroeville which would in any way be prohibited for discharge into the sanitary sewer system of the Allegheny County Sanitary Authority.  No matter or materials, of any nature whatsoever, whether solids, liquids or gases, shall be discharged into the sanitary sewer system of the Borough of Monroeville that would cause or tend to cause unusual wear or damage to sewer pipe or appliances or that would tend to cause clogging in the system.  Upon written notification from the Borough Manager or any of his authorized subordinates any person so directed shall forthwith terminate or prevent the discharge of such unlawful materials as the Borough may determine.  The following matters are specifically prohibited from discharge into the said sanitary sewer system:

(a)  Mineral acids, waste acid pickling or plating liquors from the pickling or plating iron, steel, brass, copper or chromium, or any other dissolved or solid substances which will endanger health or safety, interfere with the flow in sewers or sewerage structures or equipment, or otherwise interfere with the operation of the sewers or other facilities of the Borough or the Sanitary Authority. 

(b)  Cyanides or cyanogen compounds capable of liberating hydrocyanic gas on acidification. 

(c)  Fats, entralls and the like from meat processing plants, rendering plants and similar industries and establishments.

(d)  Gas, tar, phenols, residues, from petroleum storage, refining or processing, fuel or lubricating oil, gasoline, naptha, benzene or explosive or inflammable liquids, solids or gases. 

(e)  Ashes, cinders, sand, mud, lime or acetylene sludges, straw, shavings, metal, glass, rags, feathers, tar, plastics, wood, sawdust, paunch manure, hair, hides, dead animals, spent mash and grain, pulp from food processing, water or wastes containing grease in excess of 100 parts per million, or any other solids or viscous substances capable of causing obstruction to the flow in sewers or other interference with the proper operation of the Borough's or the Sanitary Authority's facilities.

(f)  Sludges or other materials from septic tanks or similar facilities, or from sewage or industrial waste treatment plants or from water treatment plants.

(g)  Garbage, whether ground or not, except properly shredded garbage in a private dwelling, apartment, building, hotel, commercial  restaurant  or retail food store, resulting from the proper use of a garbage grinder or disposer of a type approved by the Borough, the Allegheny County Health Department and the Sanitary Authority and maintained in good operating condition; provided, however, that no retail food store shall operate more than one grinder or disposer which shall be not greater than three horsepower in size and, when so required by the Allegheny County Health Department, shall be equipped with an approved water meter and limited in use to the consumption of an average of not more than 1,500 gallons of water per day; and provided, further, that the foregoing restrictions shall not apply to any existing installation in a retail food store or a garbage grinder or disposer larger than three horsepower in size until such time as the equipment nbw in use can no longer be kept in good operating condition by ordinary mainten­ ance and repair, at which time such larger than three horsepower grinder or disposer shall be abandoned and shall not be renewed or replaced.

(h)  Water or wastes having a pH lower than 5.5 or higher than 9.0, or having any other corrosive  property capable of causing damage or hazard to structures, equip­ment or personnel of the Borough or of the Sanitary Authority.

(i) Water or wastes containing any tozic radioactive isotopes.



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