Procedures for Dye Testing

Procedures for Dye-Testing Program
For Sale of Properties
Effective June 1, 2003


1) Dye-testing will be done by Municipal Authority personnel (tester) only. Independent inspectors and dye-testers will not be used after June 1, 2003.

2) Dye-testing will begin on June 3, 2003 and be conducted daily Monday thru Friday at 7:30 am and noon. The MMA reserves the right to change the days available for testing during low demand to make more efficient use of MMA personnel.

3) Application for Document Certification must be filled out and all fees paid at least thirty days prior to the date of sale.

4) Municipal Authority’s tester must have access to the inside structure to check for any illegal connections, i.e., sump pumps, etc. Additionally, the water must be turned on at time of test. The tester will not supply water for the procedure.

5) A CCTV camera will be inserted into the main sanitary sewer line to locate the customer’s lateral sewer line. Dye will then be placed inside the line to verify the identity of the customer’s tap.

6) The seller will utilize no water or facilities during the test. This will insure the accuracy of the lateral testing portion of the program. Note: The length of the entire scheduled testing procedure will be 2 to 3 hours.

7) The tester will insert a water probe over the customer’s lateral in at least three different locations. This probe will stay in each location for a minimum of twenty minutes. If any illegal infiltration is noted by means of the CCTV camera, the tester will note a failure of the lateral on the document of certification.

8) The tester will use dye and water to test downspouts, driveway drains, area drains, etc., and will note any illegal inflow into the main sanitary system on the document of certification.

9) The entire test shall be videotaped by the tester for use by the seller or the seller’s agent.

10) If the tester notes no illegal inflow or infiltration, he will issue a document of certification passing all phases of the test. When an illegal inflow infiltration violation is detected, the tester will fail the property until such failures are corrected and certification of such corrections are received from a registered licensed plumber.

11) The cost is $250 ($50 application fee and $200 testing fee).

Download Procedures: PDF | MS Word

Download Test Application: PDF | MS Word

Download Resolution No. 348: PDF | MS Word

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