Update on COVID-19 Moratorium

6/24/2020 update:  COVID-19 Moratorium ENDS JULY 1, 2020

Monroeville Municipal Authority customers unable to make their utility payments on time will not face late payment penalties or termination of service on their April 2020 past due balance.

The Moratorium will give residents a waiver of late payment fees due to the extenuating circumstances that COVID-19 is bringing to many households and businesses.

Numerous businesses and families are being financially impacted by the pandemic. The elimination of late fees is not a cancellation of water usage charges and accounts will still require payment. 

The Municipal Authority encourages customers to pay their utility bills, but if unable to pay, they will be given additional time without incurring the regular penalty fees.

Customers are encouraged to call the M.M.A. office to make arrangements for their accounts and investigate what payment options are available to them. 412-372-2677