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Coronavirus Update


In an effort to keep our customers safe during the coronavirus pandemic, Monroeville Municipal Authority will be placing a moratorium and discontinuing service shut offs at this time.

Customers that have been notified their water service is to be terminated as a result of a 45-day past due balance are encouraged to contact M.M.A. Customer Service at (412) 372-2677 to request an account review.

While service will not be terminated during the extended period, customers will continue to be billed for water and wastewater services and past-due balances will continue to accrue if payment is not made, which may result in service termination after the moratorium is lifted.

Monroeville Municipal Authority continues to monitor situational updates provided by the Center for Disease Control, World Health Organization as well as other state and federal organizations. We are continuously evaluating the situation and latest developments to determine how we can adopt and amend measures, as necessary, to support our customers and communities we serve and our employees.

M.M.A.  is instituting emergency business continuity measures to ensure that service is not interrupted, and critical operations continue during the pandemic. As part of these precautions to protect essential staff, M.M.A.’s in-person billing and service application counter will be closed until further notice. Bills can still be paid online, by mail, payment drop box, or drive thru window at 219 Speelman Lane. Work that would require M.M.A. personnel to enter a customer’s home is being suspended except under emergency circumstances.

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