Backflow/Cross Connection

Pursuant to the federal Safe Drinking Water Act, the Monroeville Municipal Authority is mandated to provide its customers with water that is safe under all foreseeable circumstances. The Monroeville Municipal Authority, therefore, must take reasonable precautions to protect the community distribution system from possible contamination. One of the major concerns of the Safe Drinking Water Act is a condition known as backflow. Backflow occurs when water reverses direction and flows from a customer's private water system into the community distribution system. This condition is a result of a change in water pressure in either the community water system or the private water system.

Monroeville Municipal Authority in compliance with the Safe Water Act has instituted a program to protect the community distribution system from possible backflow conditions. This program will require that every commercial account be individually evaluated by a trained Monroeville Municipal Authority representative to determine the appropriate backflow prevention device. At the time of the evaluation, our representative will answer any questions concerning the cross connection control program and provide a copy of the cross connection control program. Following the onsite evaluation, the representative will send a detailed letter indicating the type of device required and the appropriate location. Please be advised that if your property already contains a backflow prevention device, an inspection must be conducted to verify the type of device, location, and proper installation.